What does Net Entertainment do?

Your guide to understanding NetEnt games. Learn about Return to Player. Read here.

Net Entertainment (NetEnt) is a Swedish software and games provider who have been delivering premium iGaming content to online casino operators across the world. They have been pioneering casino solutions for over 20 years. For a full list of NetEnt casinos and games, see: http://www.netentcasinos.money .

What games do NetEnt provide?

NetENt's online games portfolio includes titles across all casino game types and include names such as Starburst and Gonzo's Quest video slots. The innovative graphics, cinematic sound and favourable RTP percentages of these games allow partners to get better player results. See physor2016 {www.physor2016.org} for a games list,

  • NetEnt have been delivering casino games for 20 years
  • They cover all game types
  • Games have varying RTP percentages

NetEnt are as transparent as possible when displaying game informations to players. This allows a casino player to make informed decisions about a game before wagering money for real. The RTP or Return to Player percentage is always displayed prominently in the game information. But what is RTP?

What is RTP?

Return to Player is a universal term that online casinos and casino game developers use to to describe the percentage of funds that a player can expect to be returned to him on a specific game over time. Players can manage their slot game strategies accordingly.

Let's take an example: If a NetEnt slot game displays a RTP 96.0%, the player of the game can expect that, if he makes 100 bets at €1, then he can expect to receive about €96 back to him over his time playing that slot.

Theoretical vs Actual RTP

It must be stated up front that the RTP percentage that us usually displayed in the information about NetEnt games will usually reflect the theoretical RTP of that game. This is calculated as the average winnings over many game rounds divided by the bets placed.

  • Most NetEnt games have a theoretical RTP of around 96%
  • Theoretical RTP is not the same as Actual RTP

The actual RTP of NetEnt games is the total winnings of the gaming session divided by the total bets for that session. Players must note that the displayed RTP of the game is an average calculated over a very long run of playing a game.

Do free versions of NetEnt games have different RTP?

The answer is no. The RTP of free play versions of all NetEnt games are exactly the same as the real money games. That is because there is no difference between the game versions. This allows players to gauge a game objectively before playing for real.

In many gaming jurisdictions across the world, the licensing rules dictate that the RTP of free games and the actual money versions have to be exactly the same. The consequences for non-compliance are dire for both NetEnt and the relevant online casino and they could face closure.

  • Free game RTP is the same as normal games' RTP
  • RTP cannot be changed

Can RTP be changed?

The RTP for NetEnt games cannot be changed by the administrators of an online casino. The code for the casino games are not hosted on the casino's servers and employees of the casino operator have no access to change any base code of NetEnt games.

Furthermore, all NetEnt games are certified at the RPT expressed in the rules of the game. If this percentage is changed and an audit reveals a change after a game is in production then the consequences are great and can entail that gaming licenses are revoked.


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